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The RADAR group is unique in the UK in its interest in combining data and human expertise to create intelligent solutions for high stakes decisions. RADAR’s interdisciplinary approach is built around computer science, statistics and machine learning and psychology, to solve problems involving uncertainty and the challenges presented by scale, complexity and variability. RADAR work with practitioners to produce intelligent ‘unified models’, that use both data and expertise as inputs, to support expert decision making in multiple application domains, including medical, legal, systems engineering, sports prediction, security, risk and safety. Since its creation in 2000 the RADAR Group has attracted over £2.5 million.

RADAR has close links with industry, including companies such as Bosch, DSTL, Philips, and Motorola. In addition, Professor Norman Fenton and Professor Martin Neil are founder members and directors of Agena Ltd , a company that builds Bayesian Network based decision support systems for a range of major clients.

For more information on the work that the RADAR group does, see the Our Research section of the website.