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Resources for Students

Links on Decision Analysis and Bayesian Nets

Links on Software Engineering

Links on Software Metrics

  • Agena Downloadable papers on software metrics
  • Thomas Fetcke's Software Metrics sites on the Web This is an excellent site maintained by Thomas Fetcke of Université duQuébec à Montréal.
  • Data & Analysis Center for Software (DACS) This is a Department of Defense (DoD) Information Analysis Center (IAC). The DACS serves as an authoritative source for state of the art software information and provides technical support to the software community. There is a very good section on software measurement.
  • Software Cost Estimation Web Site - very useful site at Bournemouth University
  • Horst Zuse's metrics site. Horst is well known for his books on software complexity measurement and metrics in general.
  • QSM Quantitative Software Management for a range of metrics/management tools and useful articles