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  • 1 May 2010: New project on improved decision-support for the management of traumatically injured limb. The RADAR Group has been awarded £143,102 (under the EPSRC's KTA Scheme ImpactQM) to provide improved decision-support for managing traumatically injured limb. The project is part of ongoing collaboration between RADAR and the Trauma Unit at The Royal London Hospital, headed by the consultant trauma and vascular surgeon Lt-Col Nigel Tai and his colleage Prof Karim Brohi. The work is applying RADAR's pioneering methods of causal modelling and risk assessment to improve on the current scoring systems used to determine whether or not to amputate. The project is supported by Agena Ltd who will be providing £32,000 in-kind support through software and services. Details here.

  • 2 April 2008: Major new project led by RADAR: DIADEM: Data Information and Analysis for clinical DEcision Making. A 12-month EPSRC funded project 1 April 2008 - 31 March 2009 worth £196,425  funded as part of the Government’s research initiative on the digital economy. The project is led by Professor Norman Fenton, supported by Dr William Marsh and Professor Martin Neil  and is based around an interdisciplinary cluster involving over a dozen world-renowned centres of excellence. Press Release is here. Full project details here.

  • August 2007: A new paper, called ‘Inference in Bayesian Networks using dynamic discretisation’, authored by Martin Neil, Manesh Taylor and David Marquez, is due to appear in September 2007 in the Statistics and Computing Journal, Vol 17, Number 3. A detailed description of the dynamic discretisation algorithm for approximate inference on hybrid BNs, and its importance on general statistical inference problems can be found in this paper.

  • 5 July 2007: Norman Fenton, Martin Neil and David Marquez presented two papers at the Conference on Mathematical Methods in Reliability (MMR2007), Glasgow, UK, July 1 - 4, 2007. The first paper reviews the use of Bayesian Networks (BNs) in predicting software defects and software reliability. The second paper presents a new, effective and flexible event-based hybrid BN modelling method for reliability assessment that scales up to large, complex dynamic systems. Download the papers here: Paper 1, Paper 2.

  • May 2007: A paper called ‘Using Ranked nodes to model qualitative judgements in Bayesian Networks’, authored by Norman Fenton and Martin Neil, is due to appear in October 2007 in the IEEE Transaction on Knowledge Engineering, Vol 19, Issue 10. Find the paper here.

  • December 2006: Two major new research projects for RADAR:

  • DyFUSION: Towards a Novel Universal tool for Modelling and Reasoning under Uncertainty. A 3 year EPSRC funded project worth 478,352 GBP starting in January 2007. A 3 year PhD studentship is available on this project as well as a Research Assistant position attracting a salary of 29,768 GBP for two years. Agena is contributing a case award of 7,500 GBP per year for the PhD student. Details here.

    Decision Support for Component-Based Software Testing. Partly Sponsored by Motorola Research Labs under the EPSRC Collaborative Training Accounts Scheme. Total funding approx. 36,000 GBP. A 3 year PhD studentship is available on this project, starting in January 2007. Details here.

  • December 2006: New vacancies for Research Assistants and PhD studentships in RADAR (Dec 2006). Details here.

  • 8 December 2006: Norman Fenton’s invited video appearance at the Annual Conference of the Society for Expert Witnesses (Studley Castle, Warwickshire, 6-7 October 2006). The Society was keen to get a proper explanation of the so-called “Prosecutor’s fallacy” whereby lawyers make incorrect deductions about probabilities that are known to have a profound impact on juries. The Society’s Press Officer Tom Magnum turned to Norman Fenton after reading an article Norman had written with Martin Neil about the subject of probability fallacies in legal reasoning. Details here.

  • 10 October 2006: New Partnership with ITRS to support Software Engineering. Details here.

  • 4 October 2006: Fenton and Neil’s seminal work on software defect prediction revisited (October 2006). The new paper has been reviewed by Information and Software Technology and will appear in the special issue in January 2007. Details here.

  • 28 September 2006: Norman Fenton delivers keynote talk at CIO Annual Software Process Improvement Symposium, Savoy Hotel London 27 Sept 2006. The focus of his talk was on why the software metrics discipline had largely failed to meet its true objective of providing quantitative risk assessment for software managers and developers. Details here.

  • 30 Jun 2006: Beating the bookies: How we predicted Spurs' results. Find out here.

  • 14 May 2006: Martin Neil presented a paper called ‘Using Bayesian Networks and Simulation for Data Fusion and Risk Analysis’ at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop Workshop on Computational Models of Risksto Infrastructure, Primosten, Croatia, May 9 -13, 2006. Download the paper here.

  • February 2006: Norman Fenton, Martin Neil and Lukasz Radlinski have a paper called  ‘Improved Bayesian Networks for Software Project Risk Assessment using Dynamic Discretisation’ accepted for the SET 2006 – IFIP working Conference for Software Engineering Techniques. Conference details can be found here. Download paper here.