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The projects listed below are the research projects that RADAR are currently involved in or have completed.

  1. TiQiT: Trauma Quality Improvement Tool

    A project funded by EPSRC's Bridging the Gap Scheme, worth £22,493. The aim of the project is to improve the quality of care by automating the quality assurance processes involved in trauma care.
    Partners: Trauma Clinical Academic Unit, Royal London Hospital
    Full project details here

  2. Machine Learning and Causal Analysis for Improved Clinical Performance

    A three month project researching the methodological contribution that machine learning and causal analysis can help make to improve clinical performance in general.
    Partners: SMD Institute of Cancer, National Institute of Health Research (UK)
    Full project details here

  3. Decision Support for the Management of Traumatically Injured Limbs

    Funded by EPSRC ImpactQM Programme (£143,102), The Barts and the London Hospital Trust (£30,000) and Agena Ltd (£32,500). September 2010-August 2012
    Partners: Trauma Care Unit, Royal London Hospital; Agena Ltd
    Full project details here.

  4. DIADEM: Data Information and Analysis for clinical DEcision Making

    A 12-month EPSRC funded project 1 April 2008 - 31 March2009 worth £196,425  funded as part of the Government's research initiative on the digital economy. The project is led by Professor Norman Fenton, supported by Dr William Marsh and Professor Martin Neil  and is based around an interdisciplinary cluster involving over a dozen world-renowned centres of excellence. Press Release is here. Full project details here.

  5. DyFUSION: Towards a Novel Universal tool for Modelling and Reasoning under Uncertainty

    A 3 year EPSRC funded project worth 478,352 GBP. Partners are Agena, QinetiQ and Motorola.  January 2007-Jan 2010. Full project details here.

  6. Decision Support for Component-Based Software Testing

    Partly Sponsored by Motorola Research Labs under the EPSRC Collaborative Training Accounts Scheme. Total funding approx. 36,000 GBP. See here for details of project vacancies.

  7. eXdecide: Quantified Risk Assessment and Decision Support for Agile Software Projects

    EPSRC project EP/C005406/1,  March  2005 - Feb 2008.
    Funding to QM: £181,353 plus £87,500 from Agena
    Partners: Agena Ltd
    Original Case For Support, Final Report including Publications List

  8. SCORE: Sensing Changes in Operational Risk Exposure

    May 2001 - May 2004, EPSRC Project GR/R24197/01 (Critical Systems Programme)
    Partners: Liverpool University, NATS, ERA, CAA, Agena
    Funding to QM: £421,093

    The SCORE project produced a larger number of Bayesian networks. An example for the Air Traffic Control (ATC) environment can be found here. This example should be loaded and executed in the AgenaRisk software package.
    Final Report

  9. SCULLY: Scaling up Bayesian Nets for Software Risk Assessment

    1 July 2000 - 30 June 2003, EPSRC Project GR/N00258 
    Partners: Philips, Hugin A/S (Denmark)
    Funding to QM: £203,501

    Overview, Final Report

  10. SIMP: Systems Integration for Major Projects

    1 July 2000 - 30 June 20003, EPSRC Systems Integration Initiative Programme, Project GR/N39234
    Partners: BAe, Intellectual Capital Services (ICS). Kennedy Carter, UMIST, City University (CHCID)
    Funding to QM: £194,873
    Project overview, Final Report

  11. IMPRESS: (IMproving the software PRocESS using bayesian nets)

    1 Jan 1997 - 30 June 2000, EPSRC Project GR/L06683
    Partners: Hugin A/S (Denmark)
    Funding to QM/CSR: £221,000
    Final Report, Testimonial from Philips.